Van Halen – For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge – CD – FLAC – 1991 – BOCKSCAR

Artist : Van Halen

Album : For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Bitrate : 930 kbps

+——————————-[Release Info]——————————-+

Source : CD (LP)

Label : Warner Bros Records

Year : 1991

Genre : Rock

Rip date : 2013-06-02

Store date : 1991-05-19

Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1

+——————————–[Track List]——————————–+

1. Poundcake 5:21

2. Judgement Day 4:38

3. Spanked 4:53

4. Runaround 4:20

5. Pleasure Dome 6:58

6. In n Out 6:04

7. Man On A Mission 5:03

8. The Dream Is Over 3:59

9. Right Now 5:21

10. 316 1:29

11. Top Of The World 3:54



+——————————-[Release Notes]——————————+

Although 1988s OU812 was another mega-seller for Van Halen, it turned out to

be a somewhat rushed affair, since the group was under a strict deadline to

finish it in time for the start of the bands summer concert festival,

“Monsters of Rock.” More time was spent on 1991s FOR UNLAWFUL CARNAL

KNOWLEDGE, and it shows–its one of the best and most consistent Van Halen

release of the Sammy Hagar era. It also turned out to be the line-ups

heaviest and most rock-oriented release, due in part to the involvement of Led

Zeppelin producer Andy Johns.

The album spawned several popular singles and MTV videos, such as the

album-opening “Poundcake” (which the group performed live on the 1991 MTV

Video Music Awards), and the more pop-oriented tracks “Runaround,” “Top of the

World,” and “Right Now.” Also featured was the Eddie Van Halen solo guitar

piece “316″ (written for his newly-born son, Wolfgang), as well as “Judgement

Day,” “Pleasure Dome,” and “Man on a Mission.” The ensuing tour for the album

eventually resulted in Van Halens first live album, 1993s LIVE: RIGHT HERE,


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